Storytelling + reinvention just 11 bucks?!

Last night, I registered for something called the Reinvention Summit. I gave them my Visa card number and they charged me just 11 dollars and 11 cents for the privilege. I’m not sure what life-changing benefits for me as a storyteller lie behind that lofty title, but for the price of a Kobe beef burger at my local diner, it’s not exactly risky business.

That’s why I wanted you to know about it. You can judge for yourself if it’ll be worthwhile for your needs as a maker of online videos.

The Reinvention Summit is the offspring of a team led by Michael Margolis, founder and president of Get Storied, an enterprise devoted to the storytelling needs of innovators, entrepreneurs and other folks. The Summit describes itself in these terms:

Reinvention is the new storyline. We believe narrative is a key to re-storying possibilities. That’s why we’re gathering a new tribe of storytellers: change-makers, marketers, creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs — anyone who sees storytelling as fundamental to their work and mission. Help us re-frame the conversation.

There’s no need for me to go into detail about who the scheduled speakers are and the resources that will be available to you if you register. You can get all that, and lots more, from their website.

One urgent note, though: the $11. Early Bird registration ends November 10 at 8pm EDT.

I’ll leave you, for now, with a video in which Michael describes the Summit. You’re welcome to crit this vid on your own as an example of the art of online storytelling.

3 Replies to “Storytelling + reinvention just 11 bucks?!”

  1. It did fill in some gaps of knowledge. I saw some of the live presentations but not all.

    I haven’t had real training in storytelling.

    Typically, I only use what I need and know when telling video stories. (which isn’t much)

    I love education. It’s better than buying that latest piece (state of the art) equipment. Education and knowledge lasts forever. Equipment only lasts a few years.

    Education gives a return on the $$ in the form of more business.

    It’s a great investment.

    I have not the seen the recorded versions, too.

  2. Hi Jaime – Truth is, just after the Reinvention Summit started, I signed on for an intense gig that involves producing two half-hour TV shows in four weeks. So, after watching the initial episode live, I couldn’t watch any of the rest of them in real-time. In fact, I haven’t even been able to watch the recorded versions. I hope to get to them soon. Did the Summit help you look at stories in a new way?

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