Ask me anything (about making online videos)

Camera lens, with photographer in backgroundThe reason I’m asking for your questions is that I have two half-hour TV programs to produce before Christmas … and I just started on them last week. Much easier to clean out the Augean stables than produce a brace of shows in that amount of time! Which means for the next month I won’t have breathing space to think about posting new stuff to Seeing Your Story.

On the other hand, if you have a few questions about making better online videos, just ask them in the Comments section below. I’ll do my best to answer them when I have a moment. That may be helpful to you, and it’ll be easier for me than dreaming up new posts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 Replies to “Ask me anything (about making online videos)”

  1. Hi Naveen,

    Which online video are you talking about? Sometimes (depending on the video and on your browser) you can download it instead of streaming.

  2. hi … i need to know information ,,,,, is any possibility is there for seeing online video without streaming,,,,, awaiting for ur ans…….

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