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I call this blog Seeing Your Story because it’s about how to see–in your mind’s eye–and then shape the stories you want to tell visually on the Web. I believe you can learn how to see those stories for yourself. You can become what I call a “story seer.”

Inexpensive high-definition cameras + easy-to-use video editing software + distribution through YouTube and other sites make it practically effortless to create and circulate your stories. But will those stories be well-told, compelling tales? Will they accomplish your wishes in crafting them? Seeing Your Story can help you do just that.

What this blog is not: Seeing Your Story is not about the technology or techniques of shooting and editing. You can find plenty of information about those subjects elsewhere.

What this blog is: Seeing Your Story is a blog dedicated to encouraging you to dive in and make your videos. You may be working for a company that can’t spend big bucks getting its messages out; you may be volunteering for an organization that’s trying to make this a better world; you may be an individual with an idea for a documentary, a fiction project, or a family reunion video. My hope is that Seeing Your Story will offer something to all of you.

I think of myself as a “story seer.” I’ve been telling visual stories via TV, corporate video and websites for a long time. So stay tuned. I’ll have useful, even entertaining topics to blog about.

If you’d like to find out about my background, please check out the About Me page on this blog and www.ronblau.com.

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